Sunday, August 14, 2011

Why Most Accidents Happen in Bangladeshi Highways

I always liked a thing about Bangladeshi highways from childhood. i.e. trees on both side of the roads. Even in many advanced countries, you don't get to see so dense trees on plain highways. For some reason, the highways are very curvy in Bangladesh and the trees in the inner curves (left side of the pic below) of the road is the cause of major accidents. Also some highlands can block the visibility on roads.

Why Most Accidents Happen in Bangladeshi Highways, Trees, Highlands, Blocking the visibility of the vehicle coming from the other end

Disclaimer: I am not suggesting to cut down all the trees and dig off small highlands from the highways. Just chop off the trees and small highlands in the inner curve to get give more visibility on the roads. You can always have trees and highlands at the outer curve. E.g. The right side of the road in the above pic is the outer curve and left side of the road is inner curve.

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